Top Online Slots and Game Providers

Top Online Slots and Game Providers

The late 1990s heralded the era of the internet, leading businesses to explore the potential of creating an online footprint. One such industry that took advantage of this shift was the gambling industry, with the emergence of online casinos providing a convenient alternative for enthusiasts who couldn’t physically visit a casino.

What are Online Casino Software Providers?

Today, the world is teeming with countless online casinos, but do these platforms create their casino games? The answer is no. Instead, they obtain licenses for these games from entities known as online casino software providers. These firms specialize in designing and developing games for these digital gambling platforms.

Beyond crafting games, these software providers also play a crucial role in defining the prize pool. They invest a portion of their earnings into the online casino, thus providing the casino with games and potential winnings for players.

Consider progressive jackpot slots, for example. Can every online casino afford to offer a jackpot worth 3 million in prize money? Not likely, given that most don’t maintain such high reserves. In such cases, the payout, in case of a win, is made by the software providers, making them indispensable to the functioning of the online casino ecosystem.

Most Famous Online Slots and Game Providers

The field of casino software development is a hotbed of competition, with many players vying for a spot in the sun. Online casinos have the freedom to select games from multiple providers, leading to an extensive and diverse catalogue on their platforms.

You might recognize some big names in this sector, such as Microgaming, RabCat, NYX Gaming Group, NetEnt, Playtech, Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Realtime Gaming, Hacksaw Gaming, Push Gaming, Quickspin, and Betsoft Gaming. These companies offer a comprehensive package, including user experience, game quality, and game diversity.

While Microgaming, founded in 1994, is among the most experienced in this field, newer companies like Red Tiger and Pragmatic Play, established in 2014 and 2015, have made a significant impact on the industry. In the world of online gambling, the age of the software provider doesn’t necessarily correlate with their quality or offerings.

Our favourite Online Slots and Game Providers

With the above considerations in mind, we recommend five online casino software providers: Netent, Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, Push Gaming, Micro Gaming, Playtech and a new player in the field, BackSeat Gaming.


launched in 1996, is lauded for its comprehensive collection of online slot games, making it a popular choice for slot game enthusiasts.

Pragmatic Play

Established in the sunny month of August 2015, Pragmatic Play has swiftly risen to prominence as one of the most rapidly expanding creators of online casino games. Operating from their base in Sliema, a charming resort town nestled on the eastern coast of picturesque Malta, they boast a proficient team of over 100 experts. This talented team is responsible for crafting each of the company’s outstanding games.

  • Hacksaw Gaming. Emerging on the scene in 2018, Hacksaw Gaming has quickly made a name for itself in the world of online casino games. Originating from the idyllic island nation of Malta, this relatively young brand has already amassed an impressive selection of online casino games, despite its recent inception.
  • Push Gaming. With a strong commitment to delivering engaging entertainment, Push Gaming has dedicated itself to this pursuit for numerous years. The brand marked its entry into the gaming industry in 2012, when it debuted its initial slot game through the esteemed Gala Coral Group. In our opinion, Push Gaming has one one the nicest slot graphics in the industry.
  • Microgaming stands out as the pioneer in this space, launching the first-ever online casino in 1994. They’re also known for their early mobile gaming platform (2004) and an extensive collection of over 850 games.
  • Playtech, although younger than the above (established 1999), has built a strong reputation as a top multi-platform game provider, offering over 600 casino games, and additional betting options for sports and lotteries.
  • The youngest of the lot, BackSeat Gaming, established in 2022, has quickly gained ground with its innovative game offerings and is a strong contender in the casino software arena.

Regardless of the chosen provider, all guarantee a top-notch casino gaming experience.

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